Saturday, 8 November 2014


I want to talk to you about beetroots.  They can be a bit scary, I know, I only ventured as far as pickled ones up until this year…they look a bit funny with their sprouty bits and roots, their skin doesn't look too appealing and if you get past this, the insides make your chopping board look like a crime scene because the colour is so intense!  You know what though?  They're really not scary.  I've grown to love them massively over the past few months and not a week goes by without me eating them in some shape or form.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Zero Juice & Sushi, Berkhamsted

Zero sushi and juice - right in the centre of town!  They offer excellent quality sushi and fresh juice using the best quality ingredients

There are times (read: most of the time) when I get excited about food - you might have noticed this if you've seen any of my other posts…

A couple of weeks ago I got REALLY excited about food because I found out that something new was coming to town - Zero , a sushi and fresh juice shop.  Sushi!  A five minute walk from my house!

Berkhamsted caters for pretty much every type of food but the one thing it's been lacking is sushi and from the moment I heard about Zero I knew it would go down a treat.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Photo a Day: October

We just did the second to last "pinch, punch, first of the month" because it's now November!  Where has the year gone?!

October is one of my favourite months - summer is well and truly over, the temperature is lowering (although not that much so far!), leaves are various shades of red and gold, the air is scented with wood smoked from neighbour's fireplaces and it's the best time of year to get the blankets and scarves out!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Today's Dinner = Leftover Lunch

Happy Sunday!  If you're like me you'll be slowly winding the weekend down and thoughts will start to drift towards the working week…one of the things I don't mind so much is planning what I'll be having for lunch…

I'll be completely honest - the canteen at work is not one of my favourite places to eat for many reasons but mainly because there's aren't many healthy options and at around £3 per meal it can get a little expensive.  Luckily we have "kitchen" areas dotted around the office.  Don't get excited, it's just an area with a fridge, microwave, kettle and sink but having a microwave makes it really easy to bring in something tasty (and healthy and cheap) so you can have a delicious lunch.  There's also a little competition between me and the guy I sit next to - who's got the best looking and smelling lunch?

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Baked Meatballs

Autumn is definitely here - coats have been dusted off, the heating has been turned on and it's now dark when I wake up each morning.  I really don't mind though because it's the start of the comfort food season (which seems to last until about April…).

What's better when you get home after a long day than getting cozy, drawing the curtains to shut out the miserable weather and sitting down to a big bowl or plate full of something to warm you from the inside?  There are so many dishes that tick that box but one of my favourites, and a recipe I've used for probably about 10 years, is baked meatballs.


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